Client: Circadiance is a US-based pioneer that manufactures and markets state-of-the-art medical devices delivering superior patient comfort and effectiveness in the acute care and home care settings. Circadiance addresses some of the most pressing health IT issues with the innovation of high-performance respiratory products for people with sleep-disordered breathing and specializes in positive airway pressure, non-invasive ventilation, and apnea monitoring.

Challenge: Circadiance required architecture, design, and development of a greenfield cloud-based platform to facilitate hospital discharge of premature infants and efficient post-discharge monitoring services for parents, home care providers, and physicians. SSI's team and its decades-long expertise in the healthcare industry breathed life into the vision by designing a scalable and flexible web-based platform using cutting-edge AWS cloud technologies aligned with the clients' requirements. One of the key requirements was to maintain some key usability and functionality of the legacy platform to avoid significant change management for the end-user.

Solution: SSI’s software engineers, business analysts, and quality assurance experts developed a digital product for Circadiance titled ‘Synergy Cloud’- it displays data collected from Smart Monitor Cloud and Smart Monitor (actual monitoring process and devices powered by Circadiance) to help physicians identify common problems in premature neonates such as cardiac conditions, seizures, and parental neglect.
The application provides a secure method for physicians to view, interpret, score and diagnose problems in data collected by Smart Monitor Cloud. It helps with coordination between health care providers, physicians, and parents on prescriptions and therapy through a notification communication system. Furthermore, the interface helps manage device, user, case, and patient data. Data is securely collected from devices via TCPIP protocol or via file upload and then processed by Synergy Cloud.

Results: The software application enabled Cicadiance to effectively monitor a broad range of patients from premature newborns to elderly patients. The solution has resulted in the improved outcome and reduced cost of care.

Tools and Technologies: